Tri Color Girls bring all the black studs to the yard ;)

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Tri Color Girls bring all the black studs to the yard ;)

Post  Kelsey on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:52 am

^ That is Liberty's life quote right there. I'll tell the story at the end of this post. ^

Well, hey guys. It's Kelsey (also known as the coolest kid you will EVER meet. Wink ). I have one dog at the moment, being that little brat (I mean doll...) Liberty. She's an Epagneul Breton, and for those of you who don't take French, or know UKC breeds, a French Brittany Spaniel. There IS a difference between them and the American Brittanies, and it isn't just the countries. French Brittanies are shorter, have shorter muzzles, and have shorter ears. All in all, they're just short! But that's okay, because I am to!

Me and Liberty currently only compete in agility, but we are training in freestyle, dock diving, and obedience as well. I am starting to take confirmation classes with her soon, but I don't know if I will ever get seriously into it with her. She is a sporter's pet, not a show after all.

Along with agility (and sun tanning!), Liberty loves to play soccer and frisbee. She isn't a big fan of bringing back the ball though!

As for me? Soccer and agility are my life. I really regret not playing soccer this season, but with trials, I just wanted to focus on Liberty. Along with soccer and agility, photography, fashion designing, and "competitive" shopping are all things I love to do. Iwant to own a dog boutique/fashion boutique when I grow up, along with owning a training facility in Portland, Oregan hopefully. If not Portland, FLORIDA.

Well, I hope to get to know all of you better!!

"KMC's Secret Valentine"

^Story Time!!^

SO at our first trial, March 20, 2011, Liberty was REALLY grumpy. Like really. She wasn't in the mood to play with other dogs. Until this Gordon Setter walked by, Dillon. She started screaming and wagging her tail and started sulking when I turned her away. When I let her go play with him, she looked like a four month old pup all over again. For the rest of the day, she freaked out whenever she saw him, poor boy XD. She also fell in love with a black and white English Cocker, a tri corgi, and a Flat Coated Retriever. Oh I love you Libs....

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Re: Tri Color Girls bring all the black studs to the yard ;)

Post  Molly on Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:22 am

hehe! You better watch out, because before you know it, Liberty will have 10 boyfriends! Razz


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