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Post  Heatherkins on Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:21 am

Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping someone might be able to advise me. I have a Border Collie rescue bitch who's 10 months old. I walk her on our local common cos it's the best place to socialize her. She's well socialized, but I have a problem with one dog that we sometimes meet - a red & white Border Collie, Molly. Twice in a couple of weeks Molly turned on and 'rolled' Rosie twice, very aggressively, and would have attacked if Rosie hadn't submitted. Luckily she seemed to know she was in potential trouble and ended up on her back with Molly looming over her with big saucer eyes, daring her to challenge. On another occasion Molly ran after another Collie whose tail was tucked well between his legs as he was trying to run away (Molly's owner thought this dog was enjoying himself) and ended up, first of all, aggressively mounting him and when he turned round to give right of reply, Molly rolled him and loomed over him daring him to challenge. I try to avoid bumping into this owner because I'm concerned that sooner or later her dog may chew mine and I'm not convinced she can read her dog's (or others) signals very well. I can feel myself being ostracized by a small group of the lady's friends because of my feelings about this. Perhaps I'm being a little over-protective.

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