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Hellooooo!! Empty Hellooooo!!

Post  Jaxeh on Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:55 am

You may know me by Jaxeh/JaxAndZeke on FooPets. Smile Hello, Full On members, I am Ree. I live I new England, USA and currently own 3 dogs, soon to be four! I'm 14. My dogs are Shadow the black lab, who is a lazy old gal. Then there's Jax, my Maltese, who is lazy and plump. Smile Last but most certainly not least, Zeke, my big old mutt. He is sighthound mixed with Labrador and Standard Poodle, so I guess you could call him a Lurcher but he's not, so...um...yeah. XD He excels in agility obedience and hopefully, soon, flyball!! Our newest girlie whom we do not yet have is a red and white border collie pup, her name is Pep! I love dogs and do consider myself knowledgable when it comes to behavior, breeds, and training.

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Hellooooo!! Empty Re: Hellooooo!!

Post  Molly on Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:23 am

Welcome to Full On Dog Chat!

I love big fluffy mutts. They are just so hugable!

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