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Post  Sarah on Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:21 pm

I know these forums are going to have the most discussions on it so I thought I would make up another set of rules to follow for just these forums

- I will allow open arguments on all subjects related to breeding -
- Everyone is welcome to share their opinions but remember before you do this is a touchy subject and most people will not hesitate to give their opinions or tell you why yours is wrong-
- Just because arguments are allowed doesn't mean that it is ok to use extensive swearing or cursing, bash other people personally or use any amount of violence, nudity or spam-
- You are also allowed to advertise a new or upcoming litter but again be prepared for the possibility of being bashed-

-Depending on the severity of the offense the punishments follow as:
1st offense = a warning
2nd offense = a 1 day ban
3rd offense = a 3 day ban
4th offense = a 1 week ban
5th offense = a lifetime ban

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